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Lenticular Printing

Lenticular Printing with it's dramatic effects such as color changing, image flipping, and 3D depth are the ultimate solution for all of your promotional product needs! Lenticular technology uses a special plastic lens to produce changing images when the promotional product is tilted in your hands. We print many different types of custom lenticular promotional items, including 3D Depth Posters, postcards, luggage tags, key chains, and magnets.

Lenticular Promotional Products

We can accommodate a wide variety of custom sizes, colors, materials, and quantities for your lenticular project. Request a quote for your own custom Promotional items!

What is Lenticular

Case studies have proven that using Lenticular printing and products for promotional projects can increase your return on investment by 25-40%. A majority of our lenticular products are printed on PET, a 100% recycleable, environment-friendly material. 3D Lenticular applications are great for all of your advertising specialty and promotional product needs! We cant wait for you to call so we can provide you with the best 3D Lenticular Printing.

New Product!

Custom 3D Snap-On Cases and Skins for iPad 2 & 3

We are very happy to announce our new product. Custom Lenticular Snap-on Cases / Stick-on Skins for iPad 2 and iPad 3.

Without a case, your iPad is at risk of being scuffed and scratched when carried in a bag or rucksack. This iPad 2 & 3 Case designed to protect the vulnerable corners of your iPad, even if the iPad is dropped or bumped on a hard surface. The custom-made shape allows easy access to all the switches and ports on the side of your iPad without having to remove it from the case.

Customize your promotional project by adding your company name and logo for a personalized finish or with full custom designed Lenticular print. Given the longevity and frequency your company and its message is viewed, this is a great and inexpensive way to effectively deliver advertising messages, make a memorable promotional impact, and strengthen brand recognition worldwide.

These iPad Snap-on Cases with a Lenticular Image are ideal for corporate gifts, travel and hospitality industries as well as for trade shows, schools, and many more.

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