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3D Lenticular Bookmark

These 3D Bookmarks are printed with lenticular effects and make a great gift for school functions or events. Lenticular Bookmarks will be visible whenever a client opens a book. Most people read right before they go to bed so they will go to bed with your company logo in their mind. Have dreams and wake up wanting to buy from you! It's a funny notion but scientifically proven.

These Lenticular Bookmarks are also visible when your mind is processing a lot of information from reading. A person's mind will subconsciously put your company logo or branding in the back of their mind and will return to conscious thought automatically when the time is right. Next time the demand for your product arises your company will be the first to come up which translates into dollars! What an exciting opportunity for you to make a long-lasting impression and stable relationship with prospective clients. To read more about these bookmarks click the following link - 3D Bookmarks

We offer you a wide range of 3D Bookmark Tassels, featured in: red, white, black, light pink, gold, ivory, burgundy and much more! Our broad selection of shades will make any presentation piece, program or bookmark more decorative.

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Lenticular bookmark with Las Vegas casino cards, dice, and chips, depth Lenticular bookmark with summer sun sipping fruit sundae out of martini glass on beach, flip 3D bookmark with Tyrannasaurous Rex dinosaur IMAx movie, depth
Item # BM25X62-953 Item # BM20X65-234 Item # BM35X75-CUSTOM
Lenticular bookmark with American paper currency to assorted coins, flip Lenticular bookmark with rally dirt car races across desert, animation Lenticular bookmark with mechanic repairs car by raising and lowering hydraulic lift, animation
Item # BM20X65-952 Item # BM15X60-243 Item # BM20X60-237
Lenticular bookmark with Las Vegas hotels, Hollywood film strip, flip Lenticular bookmark with sunflowers growing in a spring field, depth Lenticular bookmark with tree with changing seasons and recycling icon, flip
Item # BM20X70-954 Item # BM20X75-239 Item # BM25X65-238
Lenticular bookmark with NASA astronaut walks on the Moon, depth Lenticular bookmark with red, blue, and green spinning wheels, animation Lenticular bookmark with real estate realtor hands sold keys to buyer of house, flip
Item # BM35X80-401 Item # BM25X55-R008RG Item # BM25X60-971