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3D Magnets

Lenticular Magnets are a great tool for promotions. With our great selection of stock products you can easily turn your logo or brand name into a Lenticular 3D Magnet! With this technology you can put your logo on any metal surface for a long time. The acrylic lenticular magnet frames have a plastic coating that will allow your advertising campaign to live a long time. It will help protect the images you choose to create the product so that your company message will stay vibrant for years to come. Please feel free to check out the different subcategories we have showcasing our great 3D Magnets

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Lenticular Magnet Acrylic Frame Las Vegas Casino slot machine spins reels for a jackpot, animation Lenticular Magnet Rectangle Casino Las Vegas Slot Machine Reel Spin Reveal jackpot, animation Lenticular acrylic magnet with custom design, full yellow Corona beer bottle with limes, tropical Hawaiian palm tree beach, flip
Item # MAF-951V Item # MAB2X3-951V Item # MAF-CUSTOM
3D Magnet Acrylic Frame Real Estate realtor hands sold keys to buyer of house, flip 3D Magnet in Acrylic Frame Yellow Sun rising from behind a blanket of grey clouds, flip Lenticular magnetic business card with custom design, electronic mail e-mail @ symbol pops out from red background, depth
Item # MAF-971 Item # MAF-210 Item # MABC-CUSTOM
Car magnet with circle shaped, Florida Gators college football team, angry crocodile with sharp teeth and red oval border, depth 3D Magnet in Acrylic Frame with large yellow butterflies, background switches from green to red, flip Lenticular Flexible Rubber Magnet with custom design, tropical Hawaiian hula girl dances next to a palm tree, animation
Item # MA8X12-CUSTOM Item # MAF-201 Item # MA25X25-CUSTOM
3D Flexible Rubber Magnet with custom design, Train design, flip 3D Lenticular Flexible Rubber Magnet Monster House face morphs out and lights up the spooky night, animation 3D Flexible Rubber Magnet with custom design, Johnny Walker Red Mix recipe appears in front of a cool lemon cocktail, flip
Item # MA30-CUSTOM 3D Lenticular magnet Custom Design MA20X20-CUSTOM Item # MA20X35-CUSTOM
Flexible Rubber Magnet Indy race Formula One F1 car, enlarges as it speeds up, zoom 3D Lenticular Flexible Rubber Magnet African tiger from a safari growls in an intimidating way, animation 3D Lenticular Flexible Rubber Magnet USS Freedom, Its time is now, Lockheed Martin, battleship frigate, flip
Item # MA30X25-CUSTOM Item # MA30X30-CUSTOM Item # MA30X40-CUSTOM