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Lantor, Ltd. - Press Release

Lapel Pins

Lomita, California, April 25, 2017 - Lantor Limited has launched an iconic range of Lapel Pins Lenticular designs protective phone case in response to the Lenticular market demands. Lantor Ltd. is a unique brand which captivates the essence of class, precision, and beauty. The Lenticular Lapel Pins are set to revolutionize the market due to its robust designs and tremendous pedigree as a respected brand. The trend-setting 3D Lapel Pins covers a broad range of luxurious and exotic appeal that blends with the person of style. Lantor has unveiled these products as a response to the increased demand sleek promotional product with Logo imprint.

The new lapel pin images include Flip, 3D Depth, Animation, Motion, Morph, and so forth. Lantor Ltd. reflects the ideals of top line Lenticular due to its premier luxurious designs that touch base with various clients across the board. The new Lenticular printing framework serves the needs of savvy individuals with elegance and panache. The product has broken the frontiers and created a masterpiece that is reshaping the 3D Lenticular printing industry. With its recent introduction in the US market, it has continued to build on the success it has achieved in other regions of the world. The wide range of designs and shapes from the Lantor stable is a testament to their understanding of the dynamics and contexts that are needed to satisfy savvy consumers.


Pill/Vitamins Organizer

Lomita, California, March 27, 2017 - The team at Lantor, Ltd., is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest product, the Pill and Vitamin Organizer 3D Lenticular Case.

The all-new organizer features storage for up to 8 weeks of pills or vitamins in a compelling storage case that can be customized with logos for corporate clients.

Lantor, Ltd., has been a leading lenticular product printer for more than twenty years, and the company’s long list of all-star clients includes Lego, Home Depot, Porsche America, Microsoft, Sony, Toyota, and more. With products including retail store signs, table tents, postcards, business cards, posters, and more, Lantor, Ltd., is a one-stop shop for lenticular products for individual consumers and corporate clients alike.