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Creating Perspective Artwork for Lenticular Printing

A Background on Aerial Perspective

Creating or selecting artwork for Lenticular Printing with the 3D Depth Effect requires artwork which has one, two, or more point Linear or Aerial Perspective.

For starters, you want to know what is Aerial Perspective? Also called Atmospheric Perspective, it is described as the use of gradations in color and definition to suggest distance in an image.

Lenticular Postcard of Sedona Valley AZ

The image above was converted from a 2D photo to aerial perspective for Lenticular printing with the 3D Depth Effect. It is an amazing print of the Sedona Valley in AZ.

In the day light, a blue sky has infinite depth, and does not create any depth effect. However, cloud formations in the day or the moon and stars at night, does give the image some depth effect.

Artwork for Lenticular printing requires the last layer to be a textured background, as it helps create the 3D Depth illusion.

It is highly recommended to NOT use any vector artwork for 3D Lenticular printing created in Adobe Illustrator, unless you are adding texture and rasterize all the objects/elements in the artwork.

Please submit your design drafts for review and recommendations Here.

Visit our "Lenticular Artwork Design Requirements & Upload" page for specific instructions on Lenticular artwork design.