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Lenticular Magnetic Strips

3D Lenticular Magnetic Strips

A Lenticular Magnetic Strip is a great way to decorate your store display by sliding this into your POP signage stand. You can create any kind of lenticular effect on your very own customized Lenticular Magnetic Strip. Create one with a flip or a 3d effect to capture the minds of your shoppers. Alternatively, you can use a 3D Lenticular Magnetic Strip to create an aesthetically pleasing ruler! We have a great variety of plastic rulers that have an insert in which you can place your Lenticular Magnetic Strip

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3D Lenticular magnet strip with Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, mountains, lake, snow, and hills, flip 3D Lenticular Magnetic Strip Monument Valley Utah, wide open road, red clay rocks, plateaus, and tumbleweeds, flip 3D Lenticular Magnetic Strip Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, great vacation of deep wide red rock carved by a river, flip
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