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Posters - Lenticular Printing

Here at Lantor Ltd., we offer high-quality Lenticular Poster 3D Printing services that cater to the needs of small and medium sized business. If you need a high-quality Lenticular Printing, then you can go for our Lenticular Poster Printing services.

Lenticular Posters and In-Store Displays

3D Lenticular Poster marketing is the next level with Lenticular poster printing! We offer a variety of lenticular poster sizes and effects Please feel free to Request Quotation for 3D Lenticular Custom Poster Printing and you will promptly be contacted by one of our friendly team members. With Lenticular posters by Lantor Ltd., there is no limit to what you can do to attract prospective clients!

Lenticular In-Store Displays

Lenticular In-Store Displays are a great way to attract clients to purchase your product. Lenticular In-Store Displays are a new trend because they are showing better results than ordinary four color types of In-Store Displays. They are vibrant and stand out above all the traditional POP displays because of the Lenticular effects. You can choose from 3D or different types of animation such as flip, zoom morph, zigzag, explosion, reveal, animation, motion, etc, to name a few. Mesmerize your clientele with new and innovative Lenticular In-Store Displays and Lenticular POP displays and signs.

Standard Lenticular Poster Sizes are:

- 11 x 17 inches 27.9 x 43.20 cm - - 16 x 20 inches 40.6 x 50.8 cm - - 18 x 24 inches 45.7 x 60.9 cm -
- 20 x 30 inches 50.8 x 76.20 cm - - 22 x 28 inches 55.8 x 71.1 cm - - 24 x 36 inches 60.9 x 91.4 cm -
- 36 x 48 inches 91.4 x 121.2 cm -

For custom sizes of Lenticular Posters, Signs, Murals, Toppers, Raisers, POP Signs etc. request quotation
International Dimensions of A Format Lenticular Print Sizes.

Recommended Lenticular Lenses

See the recommended Lenticular Poster Lenses Printing.

What is a Lenticular Poster?

3D Posters are available in several Lenticular Large Format standard sizes; each one has specific popular application. Popular applications for standard-sized posters includes In-Store Advertising, Point of Sales, Show Windows Displays, Exhibition Displays, Shopping, Malls, Kiosks Posters, Announcement of Special Events, Promotion of Movies, Theaters or Concerts, Political Campaigns, and Outdoor Advertisements.

Lenticular Posters are a unique type of printed poster which uses a printing process similar to the commonly known hologram. A hologram looks good only if there is enough light but with lenticular printing you can enjoy the image in almost any kind of light. With lenticular images you have up to 12 layers of interlaced images printed on a Lenticular Lens. With different types of effects like flip, 3D, animation and Zoom the possibilities are endless. Act now and Order your new Lenticular 3D Poster

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3D Lenticular Poster 11 x 17 inches 3D Printer Lenticular  Poster Michael Jackson by Lantor Ltd 3D Lenticular Poster 10 LPI Max Size 47 x 94
Item # PO11x17-CUSTOM Item # PO24x36-CUSTOM Item # PO10LPI-CUSTOM
3D Lenticular Printing Poster Star Wars Lithographic offset printing 3D Lenticular Poster 36 x 48 inches / 91.4 x 121.2 cm 3D Lenticular Poster 16 x 20 inches / 40.6 x 50.8 cm
Item # PO22x28-CUSTOM Item # PO36x48-CUSTOM Item # PO50LPI-CUSTOM
3D Lenticular Poster 18 x 24 inches / 45.7 x 60.9 cm 3D Print Poster Ghost Rider by Lantor Ltd
Item # PO18x24-CUSTOM Item # PO20x30-CUSTOM