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3D Lenticular Wine Labels

Many vineyards put great importance on the label style and design while others do not. You will find vineyards which have not really altered their label's style in more than six decades, such as the case of Château Simone, while other people hire creative designers every year to improve it. Labels could be graphics of works by Picasso, Chagall, along with other painters, and those could be collector's items. You can go a step ahead of the rest and utilize Lenticular technology to create a one of a kind and unique lenticular wine label today!

The majority of " New World " customers, as well as more and more European customers, would rather buy wines having varietal labeling and/or having brand name labeling. Research conducted recently involving more youthful wine drinkers within the U.S. found that they recognized labeling with châteaux on them to be rigid or old-fashioned. You can now make selecting and purchasing your wine easy and non-intimidating by making their labels playful and alluring with lenticular wine labeling. We think you will find a great opportunity to move forward in your wine enterprises. Please take a moment and submit a quote request for a lenticular wine label by clicking on the link on the top menu.