Lenticular Printing and Promotional Products by Lantor, Ltd. Los Angeles California

Lenticular Printing

Lenticular Printing with it's dramatic effects such as color changing, image flipping, and 3D depth are the ultimate solution for all of your promotional product needs! Lenticular technology uses a special plastic lens to produce changing images when the promotional product is tilted in your hands. We print many different types of custom lenticular promotional items, including 3D Depth Posters, postcards, luggage tags, key chains, and magnets.

Lenticular Promotional Products

We can accommodate a wide variety of custom sizes, colors, materials, and quantities for your lenticular project. Request a quote for your own custom Promotional items!

What is Lenticular

Case studies have proven that using Lenticular printing and products for promotional projects can increase your return on investment by 25-40%. A majority of our lenticular products are printed on PET 75lpi - 24mil or 0.60mm with a poly film and paper barrier, a 100% recyclable, environment-friendly material. 3D Lenticular applications are great for all of your advertising specialty and promotional product needs! We can't wait for you to call so we can provide you with the best 3D Lenticular Printing. Read More!

New Products!

In-Store Promotions

3D Lenticular in-store promotion

Our 3D Lenticular promotional products are an effective way to have your items stand out from the rest. We have a whole section dedicated to In-Store Promotion, with a variety of products to choose from. Shelf Strips, Wobblers, Flags, Aisle Violator, End Cap Displays, the list goes on. View all our products and select the right one that will help make your items hard to miss as customerís walk past the aisle.

Check out our In-Store Promotions Page

Bottle Necker

3D Lenticular Bottle Necker

Grab your customer's attention with this amazing 3D Lenticular Bottle necker display, bottle neck tags, bottleneck hangers.

Personalize your promotional project starting with our wide-range of styles. These hang tags are easy to use and work well on different kinds of bottles.

Check out our Bottle Necker Page

Shelf Dangler, Talker, Wobbler

3D Lenticular Shelf Dangler, Wobbler, Talker

This 3D Lenticular Shelf Dangler display is surely an attention grabber. Personalize your promotional project starting with the Display shape and your Custom images.

Check out our 3D Shelf Dangler Page

Lenticular Pill/Vitamins Organizer

Magnetic Pill/Vitamins Organizer

Carries up to 8 weeks, a total of 56 compartments, of medicine and or vitamins. Organize it for AM/PM or one of each strip for all your family members. A durable and high-quality YKK zipper assure for opening and closing the wallet. This pill/vitamin organizer is practical for traveling and home use!

Each Pill Organizer has a magnetic strip on the back side, so it is easy, just to take it out and snap it back into the case, or you can also snap it at home on your refrigerator door, metallic cabinets, school lockers, etc.. No more dilemma between style and function for the Pill-Organizer.

Perfect to use for Travel, School, Home, Office, etc.

Check out our Pill/Vitamins Organizer Page

Lenticular 3D Folders

Look professional and prepared in front of colleagues and customers with 3D Lenticular Folders from Lantor Ltd. These durable 3D Folders will impress your customers and help you build long-lasting relationships with them. Check out our

Presentation Folders are great for recruitment and hiring, products and services, investor relations materials and much more. If you have packets of documents, you need a folder. Why not create yours with a presence that matches your company's look and feel? Choose from many folder designs, sizes, and pockets.
3D Lenticular Folders

Case Cards

This lenticular display is proven to catch customer's attention because of its unique style and will stand out even from afar. Great for marketing investment.

Personalize your promotional project starting with the Display shape and your Custom images.

Check out our Case Cards Page

Sequential Numbering

3D Lenticular Sequential Numbering

Let us stamp your ID Passes, Event tags, etc., with our retro-look hot stamp sequential numbering system.

Customize your promotional project by adding your company name and logo for a personalized finish or with full custom designed Lenticular print. Given the longevity and frequency your company and its message is viewed, this is a great and inexpensive way to effectively deliver advertising messages, make a memorable promotional impact, and strengthen brand recognition worldwide.

Free Air Express Delivery

Free Air Express Delivery for Lenticular Postcards

Now with the new high-speed Litho Manroland Press, we offer excellent print quality, fast and Free Air Express Delivery Nationwide for all Lenticular Postcard Order of $ 2,000+ to you or direct to your customer's destination Visit our Custom Postcard page for more info.

Request a Quote for Custom Lenticular Postcards today!

New! Lenticular prints with cold metallic foil

3D Lenticular prints with vivid and highly reflective metallic cold foil printing using the new sophisticated technology of our Heidelberg Foil star system. The process uses the standard offset printing plates by printing an UV curable adhesive image onto the back of the Lenticular lens. After that, an impressing cylinder presses the metallic foil onto the lens and moves through a UV dryer which activates the adhesive printed image and by extraction of the foil which does not adhere to adhesive will be removed and a golden image is created on the Lenticular lens in combination with the 3D depth, flip, motion, morph, etc., effect.

Lenticular Prints With 100% blend free

3D Lenticular Prints with absolute no blend through from the backside graphic design. Our laminated multi-level backside barriers of poly fil and paper assure 100% blocking from any blending and doesn't dismiss the guarantee 100% Lenticular images.