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Lantor, Ltd. Helps Lower Your Printing Cost By Using Lenticular Gang Run Printing Technology

What is Lenticular gang run printing?

Are you looking to save on printing bills? An understanding of economical printing options available in the market can help you save lots of money and accelerate the production process. Lenticular Gang Run Printing is based on perfect utilization methodology. Here various types of Lenticular printing projects are clubbed together and printed on a single sheet. Guess what? The cost of multiple set-ups, cost of using several sheets, hourly production rate and handling is reduced to just one-time set-up, one sheet, least handling. This phenomenon ultimately lowers down the final cost which comes to 1/30th of the bill value you were going to pay when going through custom run method.

The best thing about gang run printing is that the run cost can be divided across multiple clients, so even if you have fewer jobs you get an opportunity to minimize your cost. Another important aspect of this methodology is the color matching option across various jobs. For impressive branding, the brand color should perfectly match across all branding stationeries like Lenticular posters, business card, flyers, postcards, tickets etc. With this method, prints can be obtained efficiently without color variations while in case of custom run the color may vary due to multiple times setting of jobs and other production factors. There are limitations to Lenticular offset printing, the maximum size it can engage is 20” X 28”. A good percentage of spread gets thrown away. There are several factors that make ‘Gang up’ jobs far better than traditional run prints

How does Lenticular gang run printing work?

The printing jobs are collected till the full area of the printing sheet is completely mapped out and no extra space remains. For similar sizes jobs the set-up is fast but for different sizes, it takes time to arrange plates and other things. Once the press is prepared the printing job is carried out. Though every job has a different requirement with respect to ink and sheet but ‘gang run’ or ‘combination run’ ensures vibrant color, non-wastage of printing medium and substantially lowers printing cost. The Lenticular technology uses gang run quite efficiently to help the client save on bilwls and produce wonderful Lenticular effects. The Lenticular images are printed on the back of special type of Lenticular plastics to bring 3D effects which when viewed from different angles produces an illusion of movement. It is printed onto the PET 75lpi – 24 mil Lenticular lenses. There are many popular jobs where the Lenticular process is preferred like Lenticular poster printing, 3d Lenticular pictures, Lenticular postcard printing etc.

How can gang run printing help save a good chunk of money?

For advertisement, branding and business identity many printing requirements come in day to day work. For small to medium business, the budget does matter. The business owners looking to control expenses, increase productivity and profits always look for effective methods to help them succeed in their goals. The competent Lenticular printer is able to efficiently cut-down printing cost by properly utilizing gang run printing technique. Here are some ways how gang run can help save a good amount of money and time

Efficient production

With this printing technology, you can easily streamline production and achieve desired results. The production manager ensures that MOQ (minimum order quantity) w.r.t printer and printing material is available. For custom orders sometimes these quantities are not met and production is held up. This delays the project and ultimately the whole cycle of business is affected. In contrast to this process, sending the similar type of jobs in a combined format easily ensures fulfillment of minimum order requirement and production never get held up. The production time and resources are properly utilized. However, you need to approach expert commercial printers that can squeeze maximum possible jobs in one sheet using their experience in press set-up.

For resellers, this technique helps to easily consolidate multiple job orders with similar sheet and color requirements, to produce prints that receive good feedback from the customer and increases profitability.

This is one of the most economical production processes that cut the printing cost to up to 80%. Isn’t that amazing?

Reduce pre-production set-up time & cost

The pre-production time is calculated considering factors like plate changes, supervision, cleaning, maintenance, energy units utilized and handling. This time directly affects the production cost. Any delay in preparation time will delay the production time.

The major advantage of Lenticular ‘gang-up’ printing is cutting down the production cost by reducing plate change time and other downtime factors associated with pre-production.

Reduce Sheet Wastage

The biggest cost factor in custom run print is a number of Lenticular sheets used in production. You are concerned about the sizes that fit your requirement. But in the market standard sizes, sheets are available. After accommodating the required sizes the remaining sheet portion is discarded. The Lenticular printing service provider cannot only charge for the custom sizes you ordered, so ultimately you land up paying for each and every sheet even if they are not fully used in your project.

e Gang run make certain that good amount of money is saved in the printing job. The complete sheet space is planned in such a way that only edges need to be cut out thus reducing any wastage. There are basically two types of gang run printing:

i. The first type includes printing own multiple jobs in a single sheet.

ii. The second type involves using unutilized space of another project for your own job.

Gang run is also an eco-friendly process that helps reduce garbage that could have been thrown away causing harm to nature.

Achieve Desired Effect

There are several types of effects that can be given to a Lenticular printing job. The demands for such effects have increased nowadays. Due to large orders and less delivery time the traditional printers fail to plan the sheet space utilization. And effect varies every time custom run is done.

The print run can be easily planned with the help of gang run production planning. Once set-up up is done it is easier to achieve the desired Lenticular effect. The cost of such production becomes lower without compromising with quality.

When is Lenticular Gang Run Printing not desireable?

Though Lenticular gang run printing is a perfect solution for business houses looking to save on annual expenditure and increase profitability, there are some scenarios where this printing technique is not desirable.

• You may have to compromise with sheet quality, color and effects when several types of jobs are done on sharing basis.

• If you have chosen a small or medium printing service provider then you will have to wait till the provider gets the load. Usually, these providers run a monthly gang run so that resources are utilized and overall cost remains within a profit margin.

• Color control limitation is attached to this process. No printing company can guarantee exact color as supplied. This happens because there is no way to control Ink density every time a gang print run is done.

• Reprint cost becomes higher when you require part of the original job. The printing sheet will also get wasted.

But, with right kind of planning and hiring a professional printing service provider these downfalls can be avoided. As a business house cash flow really matters and each saving adds to the profit. The experienced commercial printers can do an efficient job without letting you compromise on quality and color.

What type of Lenticular effects can you expect through gang run?

Lenticular printing has revolutionized the advertisement world. The boring static print on paper has been taken away by Lenticular effects that attracts more customers, resulting in more sales. According to a recent survey, a vibrant mood changing advertisement display can increase sale by up to 30%. So, the important thing is to surface out right kind of effect for products suiting the age group. Here are some popular Lenticular effects that you can choose for your job.

Flip – This effect allows adding 2-3 images to form a single image that is visible one by one as if flipped when seen from different angles. This effect is very popular in corporate business deals.

3D Depth – For attracting people for the festive season the 3D depth effect is best suitable. Under this effect you will not find any flip or animation, instead, it produces a depth from up to down. This 3D environment looks so attractive.

Animation – For tech products, the animation effects are highly desirable. The Lenticular technology allows frame by frame setting up of images to produce animated clip like effect.

Zoom – The zoom effects are more attached to corporate identity where logos are given a zooming effect.

Morph – This effect is popular with entertainment and electronics industry. Here one image morphs into another image, looks like a magic.

Motion – For adventure sports and movie industry this motion effect is very popular. The video frames look like short motion pictures.

The Lenticular effect can be applied to a large number of products like posters, postcards, business cards, bottle neckers, pill organizers, shelf strips, badges, gift cards and several types of custom products. The good ganging service provider can bring in desired effects easily on your jobs at minimum cost.

How to choose a provider for gang run?

Saving is most important part of the business. To get most of the benefit of this production term you need to carefully choose the right kind of service provider. Here are some basic key points that will help you choose the best in the market.

1. Choose a large scale printing service provider that has set-up modern machines and has all the resources required for efficient production.

2. If the provider only insists on standard size bulk order means they do not have enough workloads to execute gang run and you will land up in higher project cost as well as delayed product delivery.

3. The provider should be able to take all type of custom order and use software and skills to squeeze in the maximum possible job on a sheet.

4. The provider should be willing to share more views on their gang run production plan.

5. You can read reviews of provider and fire some initial question before ordering. If possible try to collect sample or snaps of similar products executed by them for other clients.

After knowing all the benefits of Lenticular gang run printing you can easily plan your next advertisement job easily. The Lenticular technology is gifted with effects that enhance the normal display to an attractive sale point. There are some jobs where finer colors are required and need to go through the traditional run process but for all others, the gang run is best option to choose. The saved Lenticular printing cost can be utilized for the development of company and employees.

As mentioned earlier, choosing right vendor becomes most important to succeed in the print cost saving goal. The honest service provider shares the anticipated result of the gang run done based on job type. You can check their blog and website for more details on their products and production process. If not available, you can directly call them to discuss your project.

When it comes to Lenticular printing, we are one of the most efficient and biggest printing companies in the US. We have large scale production set-up and skilled manpower to accelerate the production time and thus help you save money. We can produce all type of Lenticular effects. We also have several product lines to offer to you. Our gang run is carried regularly as we have enough loads for a similar category of job, you don’t have to wait. We ensure top-grade colour matching and consistent product quality. We are excited to share our Lenticular products and knowledge base on this technology so that you can choose the best printing option. Stay in touch to get more updates as we bring to you.