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Lenticular 3D Counter Cards / POP Display Signs

Lenticular 3D POP Display / Counter Cards

Lenticular Counter Card to Portray Your Message in Best Way

There was a time when people use to convey important messages of retail or any other business using handmade placard. But the conventional display cards are not able to grab customer attention due to low-clarity and non-portable nature. Thanks to new easel signboards that have taken the advertisement market by storm. So, whether a person wants to promote any event or sale offers, everything can be done using the POP signs. To add more catchy features instead of simple prints, one can look for trending lenticular counter cards.

The custom lenticular printing is offered along with lenticular effects like zoom, morph, 3D depth, animation, and flip. The in-store signs are available in different sizes with the option to add own artwork. These awesome signs are a great way to save on advertisement and marketing expenses and a pin-point method to convey the right message. The card is easy to place on a countertop with the support of cardstock and double winged chipboard easel. It stays firm, doesn’t blows out with a puff of wind. To get best results this card can be placed near POS (point of sale) machines where people stay for a while for the card payments.


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