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Lenticular 3D Counter Cards / POP Display Signs

Lenticular Counter Card to Portray Your Message in Best Way

Lenticular 3D Counter Cards / POP Display Signs

There was a time when people use to convey important messages of retail or any other business using handmade placard. But the conventional display cards are not able to grab customer attention due to low-clarity and non-portable nature. Thanks to new easel signboards that have taken the advertisement market by storm. So, whether a person wants to promote any event or sale offers, everything can be done using the POP signs. To add more catchy features instead of simple prints, one can look for trending lenticular counter cards.

The custom lenticular printing is offered along with lenticular effects like zoom, morph, 3D depth, animation, and flip. The in-store signs are available in different sizes with the option to add own artwork. These awesome signs are a great way to save on advertisement and marketing expenses and a pin-point method to convey the right message. The card is easy to place on countertop with the support of cardstock and double winged chipboard easel. It stays firm, doesnít blows out with a puff of wind. To get best results this card can be placed near POS (point of sale) machines where people stay for a while for the card payments.


The 3D Lenticular Counter Cards and Table Top Signs can be displayed nearly anywhere. Below are some of the most useful locations to put in place a 3D Lenticular A-Frame Tents, POP with Easel, Tri-Angle Tents, Standing Tri-Angle Tent, Pyramid counter cards with Lenticular effects, such as 3D Depth, Flip, Motion, Animation, Zig-Zag, Explosion, Morph, etcetera. Any place where people usually have to wait. The 3D Lenticular eye-catching display will create and draw/attract everyone's attention.

  • Retail Stores POP Counters cards near Cash Register
  • Convenience Stores: promote a new product or time-sensitive offer, special of the month
  • Service Departments: boost sales with add-on and special upgrade offers
  • Near new product, Promotion Displays with 2 for 1 offer of your brand
  • Cosmetic and Makeup Counters Lenticular Acrylic Displays: Promote advantages of unique ingredients with pictures
  • Drug Store Lenticular End Caps: Introduce seasonal campaign (sun protection lotion, cold remedies, nail polish colors)
  • Stereo Stores: Top Record of the Month, Market the latest radio equipment and technology
  • Shoe Stores: Advertise sales or detail the advantages of a particular style, brand or shoe accessories.
  • Beauty Supply Stores: Offering a unique brand
  • Trade Show Tables Card with Easel: Advertise show special with call-to-action
  • Dermatology Offices: Use "before" and "after" pictures of the face to promote product or procedure
  • Waiting Rooms: Captive audience; need we say more of the service provided?
  • Restaurant: Menus Card, Desserts, Special Drinks, Happy Hours Time,
  • Juice and Smoothie Bars: Seasonal fruits; ask for double decker special
  • Bars: Bartenderís special mix drink!
  • Restaurants: Menus, Drink Specials, Happy Hour time and Special Hors d'oeuvres offer
  • Pizza Parlors: Combo specials, beer, and pizza specials, 2 for 1 offer pizza

  • Ice Cream Shops: New flavors; new low-fat options, Special Birthday and Party offer.
  • Automotive Service Centers: Special Engine Oil
  • Department Stores Home Appliance Warranty Extension Offers
  • Product Maintenance Reminders
  • Automobile Dealers Advertise accessories for their vehicle
  • Medial Doctorís Waiting: Offering a unique brand of medication
  • Liquor and Wine Stores: Cash register,
  • Shelves at Grocery Stores: 2 for one offer of your brand

  • Department Stores Product on Sales with Special Discount
  • Travel Agent and Tour Organizer
  • Movie/Cinema Snack Counters
  • Event Ticket Counters
  • Coffee Shops order desk
  • Optometry Doctor Offices: In registration desk waiting room offering a unique brand of Eye Glass Frames
  • Real Estate Agent Office Desk
  • Bank Teller Counter

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