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Lenticular Bookmark Tassel Available at Lantor, Ltd


Tassel for 3D Lenticular Bookmarks

We now offer all of the supplies that you need to create a beautiful bookmark along with 32 bookmark tassel colors to choose from in stock! Our high-quality tassels are perfect to use with Lenticular Bookmarks and 3D tags. They can also be used in other crafts applications as well. They are high-quality floss tassels that measure 4 inches from the top of the loop to the bottom of the tassels. The loop part measures 3 inches and the tassel is 1 inch.

Twisted Rayon Chord and Size

Twisted Rayon Chord and Size

Our most popular twisted chord is made of Rayon. These rayon tassels are made from qualitative rayon fabrics that are twisted in an innovative manner to meet the aesthetic tastes of our clients. And with the size of 2/4.

Color Selection

We offer you a wide range of 3D Lenticular Bookmark Tassels, featured in: red, white, black, light pink, gold, ivory, turquoise and much more! See the table below for more choices. Our broad selection of shades will make any presentation piece, program or bookmark more decorative.

3D Bookmark Tassel colors