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Create a Memorable User Experience with Lenticular 3D Bottle Neckers

Our new range of 3D bottle necker is designed primarily for beverage market. You can call it as an instant sales pitch that attracts users attention very fast. With lots of animation effects available, your custom artwork will get optimum results. Unlike 4-color simple printing, lenticular 3D printing provides the extra advantage of ‘Instant Attraction.' Wines considered as most luxurious beverage product and people chose them out of their passion and based on offers available during their visit to the supermarket or any restaurant. There are so many ideal places that you can choose to showcase your food & wine offers. For example, the open air restaurant can have several display tables to allow visitors to select wine. Here bottle neck tags have an important role to play. Most of the times people will choose the bottle that has some offer tags (Necker with tear off tag). For other beverage markets like superstore, the racks that have wine bottles can turn into sales machines by only adding bottle hang tags. For retail milieu bottle to bottle neckers, are great sales tools. The smaller bottles can offer bigger bottles. Connecting both bottles and offering for sale ensures normal movement of inventory and achieving sales targets.

The lenticular printer uses advanced technology to print the design on paper, and it is laminated with PET 75lpi lenticular lens. This technology helps in protecting the paper from dust and water, and it remains for a long time without fading. As a natural curiosity, people reach the bottle to see the offers printed on the bottle neckers. The demand for lenticular printing is increasing and sellers order in bulk quantities to take advantage of this eye-catching and cost-effective display advertisement method. What’s your choice? Simply printed tag along neckers or lenticular tags that come with several animation effects for you to choose. The answer is obvious; people adopt what is trending in the market.

Currently, we are offering six types of lenticular bottle neckers

1) Pendant

2) Belle

3) Classic

4) Minnie

5) Medallion

6) Donut

Different types of bottle neckers:

Pendant Belle Classic
Lenticular Bottle Necker Pendant Design
  • 2.125" x 3.75"
  • 1.6" diameter pop-up
  • Lenticular Bottle Necker Belle Design
  • 2.5" x 5.5"
  • Rounded top
  • 1.5" diameter hole
  • Lenticular Bottle Necker Classic Design
  • 3" x 4.5"
  • 1.5" diameter hole with a crease

  • Minnie Medallion Donut
    Lenticular Bottle Necker Minnie Design
  • 2.125" x 3.75"
  • Rounded corners
  • 1.6" diameter pop-up
  • Lenticular Bottle Necker Medallion Design
  • 2.75" x 4.75"
  • No-waste hole
  • Round pop-up
  • Lenticular Bottle Necker Donut Design
  • 2.5" x 4.625"
  • 1.4" diameter hole with a crease
  • You can choose the shape and size as per your personal preference. To get more idea of these tags, please visit the product description section. We provide several lenticular effects to makeover your existing display advertising stationary. 3D hologram printer can produce lenticulars with effects like 3D depth, flip, animation, twist, reveal, twirl, zoom, morph, explosion, rotation, compress, etc. There is also the possibility to add a combination of these effects. Building brand is something which every company thrives to achieve and getting repeat sales from loyal customers is just awesome. Whether you are expanding your business or looking forward to promoting new products, 3D Lenticular Tag is a useful message carrier that will help in brand building.

    Custom 3D Lenticular Necker Printing Service to Boost Sales

    If you are looking for lenticular printing service, then you have come to right place. Our custom bottleneck hangers are best in the industry. We provide lots of flexibility to our customers, right from finalizing artwork to shipping of consignment. There is only one-time set-up charge, for re-orders, there are no setup fees. We can help you select the best artwork to stand out. These custom lenticular cards have hardly few seconds to impress customers (call to action) and convert into sales. So, it becomes necessary to choose the best artwork and hire an experienced lenticular printing company for printing bottle neckers. We have more than 20 years of experience in printing holograms with factories in US and China. We offer best rates and have fast processing time for any volume of bulk orders. We have invested on high-performing lenticular printers so that you get best holographic printing product experience. Get ready to excel in your beverage business by ordering our custom lenticular bottle neckers today!