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3D Lenticular Wobblers, Danglers and Talkers

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Get Most Out of Lenticular Wobbler, Dangler and Talker

The best thing about our holographic printing is that we provide complete personalized services to our customers. You have all the controls to choose the shape and design that you need to implement in the products. There are wide ranges of lenticular effects like animation, 3D, hologram, flip, zig-zag and even the combination of these effects. We have pioneered the linticular printing technology with state of art lenticular printers that drive bulk jobs with accuracy and fine finishing. The printing paper is laminated with PET 75lpi lenticular lens which is 100% recyclable and protects the images from dust and water giving extra life to POP displays.

How to do Retail Store Promotion in Best Way?

With so many products in racks, it sometimes becomes difficult to prioritize the offers that are for a limited period of time. The ideal way is to organize those products on the first rack or the rack area where heavy traffic is observed. One thing also needs to be kept in mind that you donít put too many POP signs on the rack, this will confuse the buyers.

Instead, use dangler with neck and tab that easily pops out over the product and conveys the message precisely to even those customers who may not have come to store for purchasing that particular product.

Next important thing is the artwork. While designing artwork do not make it too flashy or very plain. It needs to have vibrant colors, images and combination of bigger and smaller texts, to carry the desired message in few seconds time that customer put for glancing at a product.

The in-store promotion is different from hotel or restaurant where there is plenty of space to highlight particular promotion. Here you need to use tradition rack display methods that customer expects to know more about offers. Custom lenticular cards are modern methods that have traits of traditional methods, making it more powerful for getting the desired results.

Interesting Facts about Wobblers

Imagine you are walking in a store and a salesman keeps on telling you about a new product or offers associated with the existing product. How many times will you listen to him? It is also not practical to take all offers to customers in this way and the customer may also get annoyed. Here comes the role of wobblers and danglers. They have commercial features that stay right in the place to pull customers to the message. A wobbler has three parts Ė message box, neck and tab.

The message box is the essential part of writing a message while neck connects tab and message box. And tab firmly attaches the wobbler to rack edges. Since, they pop-out of racks so they are ideal display signs to use lenticular 3D printing technology for optimum results.

We are one of the biggest Lenticular printing company in the United States that offers various lenticular products that provide upper hand in display advertisement. You simply need to provide us print ready artwork and rest everything will be taken care by us. Letís get started with these latest lenticular wobblers, danglers and talkers.