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Lenticular Lapel Pins

Add a Pinch of Style to Your Clothing Sets with Lenticular Lapel Pin

3D Lenticular Lapel Pin Frontside Image Are you looking to spice your appearance without going for a total makeover? The best idea is to look for small accessories that can add an instant style statement to your personality without being too much flashy. The lenticular lapel pin is one such accessory that can perfectly blend your personal style. The best thing about these lapel pins is that it can be custom designed to your needs. If you want to use it in your business wardrobe then you can bulk order branding lapel pins from our online store.

At Lenticularpromo we offer nine standard shapes for these wonderful promotional lapel pins. The shapes are circle, square, oval, pentagon, rectangle, diamond, and hexagon with one to four-inch diameter or square. And you also have the opportunity to ask for custom shapes. For food business, you can have a colorful 3D flip effect on brand images. Similarly, for fitness business, we can have exercise holographic lapel pins. Your imagination and our printing technology can have great sorts of combinations.

As you know the name of these lapel pins is derived from the lapel of a suit. It adds a sharp style to your suit. Though, many people are reluctant to this, thinking that it may look awkward in daily wear and only suitable for special occasions. Well, itís not true. You can start with smaller size lapel pins and check how it goes in daily life. If you are in an office or meeting a client, this accessory will add new confidence and enthusiasm. When people start noticing it you are going to get many appreciations. Before going to personal life usage of this 3D Lenticular Lapel Pin, letís learn more about the amazing effects that you can add to your lenticular.

With the use of lenticular printing technology we produce the illusion of depth or in a simpler language, we call it moving images when seen from different angles. This type of printing is very helpful in sweepstake business where thumb up animation can symbolize the winning spirit. Many companies use this hologram to mark the original products on their boxes which are not easy to imitate by its competitors. Practically there are many usages. There are six different effects available with us - flip, 3D depth, motion, morph, animation, and zoom. For a visual view of effects please visit our knowledge base. Based on your needs you can get custom effects to your advertising specialty lapel pin.

Buy Metallic Custom Shape with Lenticular Prints online

Lenticular prints present a mesmerizing effect that can brighten our eyes. If you present your kid 3D animal animation effect lenticular then the child will rejoice and play with it. The happiness will bring new enthusiasm to your life. In a casual party, if you wear a Hawaiian surfer riding the wave lapel pin, people will surely notice it. It suits the party theme and people will ask you how to get these. You think about any event theme we will help you get the imagination to reality. Do you have a certain preference as how you want to wear these pins? Well we have so many attachment options available with us. They are PIN, bar badge magnet, alligator clip, bulldog clip metal, round badge magnet, butterfly pin, alligator with pin, and swivel pin. Please see the attachment option images above for more idea. Lantor Ltd is one of the premier suppliers of custom lapel pins. We have a large selection of designs and shapes that you can choose from. Simply visit our ĎLapel Piní product group and choose the design. When you reach to product description page you can find all information related to shape, size, effects, price, MOQ, add on options and custom artwork. For custom order ask for a free quote. Once the order is finalized you can pay online through our online payment system. We will deliver your items well packed through the fastest medium. Next time when you have some event come to us for sensational Lenticular prints on Lapel Pins!

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