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Lenticular 3D Shelf Strips

Get Sales Boost-up with New Lenticular Shelf Strips
To excel in the marketing business, every element needs to be analyzed at the micro level. These analyses bring the strength and weakness to the limelight and thus help in planning for better yields. For advertisement and awareness of products, there are several mediums available. A successful company pays attention to even small ad materials like mini cards, stickers, shelf strips, counter cards, etc. For departmental stores, there are some specific places like racks where the specialized mode of advertisement is required. Guess what? Shelf edge strips are smaller, but with contrast design and bold caption, they can convey pinpointed information which aid in the increase of sale by more than 30%. These channel strips are very beneficial for launching a new product and offering discounts. With so many design inspirations around, you can create your artwork which can be converted into call-to-action display advertising. While designing keep in mind to use bigger fonts for important announcements like NEW, BUY 1 GET 1 FREE, Discounted Price, Features, etc. The cards can also be used as a point of purchase signs, but for optimum results, they should be fixed to any channel near the billing counter.

As you may be aware that 3D lenticular prints come with various effects like morph,3D depth, flip, reveal, animation, motion, etc. that represent your brand in more interactive ways. The simple printed shelf cards look dull and are not as effective as lenticular shelf strips. The width of strips can go to several inches, but the height of strips is 1.25 inches. The custom-Lenticular prints allow all sorts of sizes and design that can fit your existing racks. Please do check the product description page for available product sizes, quantity, and other required details. There has been a sudden growth in the competition and to stay in the race, the lenticular retail signs should be in favor of the buyer. There is minimal time available within which the strips should be able to convey the sales pitch. Standard vinyl printing is available all around, but this advanced lenticular printing technology is new and has great magnetic power. With a little attention to details, the simple tool can do a lot in the retail niche. There are many creative ideas where it can be utilized to bring better results. Itís a must have item for retail supermarket and other businesses.

Best Offers for Custom Printed Channel Strips
In the US most of the consumers prefer to buy branded products and are more concern about quality and health factors. For launching a new product in the supermarket, the company needs to do the ground survey about the consumerís interests and prepare offers accordingly. As discussed earlier the in-store signs should be designed carefully with the right amount of text and graphics so that it works well during the initial launch. Once people know about the new product, making a sale will be easier. We own top quality lenticular printers for professional prints that have high resolution and visible animation effects. We source raw material directly from the manufacturer or big suppliers so that we can offer best end product prices. In the channel strip product category we also have shelf channel cards that are taller in size and thus provide more flexibility to fix on the racks. Lenticular custom design strips can be easily ordered online through us. Lantor, Ltd is one of the biggest suppliers of all types of holographic prints. Whether you want lenticular posters or channel strips, everything is custom designed to your requirements. Donít waste time, head on to the product listing page and get started.