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Lenticular Shelf Flags3D Lenticular Shelf Flags Custom Design

Get Most Out of 3D Lenticular Shelf Flags
A Lenticular Shelf Flag really stands out and can be a great way of making customers aware of a product or special promotion. They are clipped into the shelf channel and extend out so they can be seen from far down your store's aisles.

This brings in more customer curiosity and ultimately converting to sales. The final product comes with uniform printing, ensuring consistency in branding and very simple to install on the shelf channel. The POP sign products like custom flags, wobblers and shelf talkers doesn’t require any supporting items or hiring extra staffs to install on the racks so it is quite cost-effective.

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Lenticular 3D Shelf Flags Custom Design 2.75"x5.5" Lenticular 3D Shelf Flags Custom Design 3"x5" Lenticular 3D Rounded Shelf Flags  Custom Design 2.6" x 5.5"