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3D Lenticular Shelf Strips

3D Lenticular Shelf Strips on Shelves

3D Lenticular Shelf Strips are a great promotional tool. Despite their size, they can provide increased sales by grabbing your customer's attention with their motion designs. They are simple to install on most shelf channels and come in various lengths to fit your store's needs. They can be used to promote a new product or let customers know of an in-store promotion. You can view all the options we have below or call in for custom sizing.

Recycled plastic (PET) shelf strips click effortlessly into the price tag rail of a grocery store, retail store as well as specialized shops. All of our grocery store shelf strips in addition to retail shelf talkers attract instant attention to your products.

All of our POP shelf strips will be custom imprinted on long-lasting plastic material to make sure they endure through your whole merchandise period, merchandise placement or promotion. These plastic-type shelf strips really are a extremely cost efficient POP product to include in your current advertising campaign. Each and every POP shelf strip can be tailor-made die cut in order that it stands higher than the shelf to completely highlight your product.

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Lenticular 3D Shelf Strips Custom Design 1.25"x12" Lenticular 3D Shelf Strips Custom Design 1.25"x6" Lenticular 3D Shelf Strips Custom Design 1.25"x18"
Item # SHS-CUSTOM-1.25x12 Item # SHS-CUSTOM-1.25x6 Item # SHS-CUSTOM-1.25x18