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3D Lenticular Shelf Talkers3D Lenticular Shelf Talker Custom Design

Get Most Out of 3D Lenticular Shelf Talkers

Make the most of your shelf space by adding a 3D Lenticular Shelf Talker. They provide a pin point solution to convey the offers to the customer right on the spot. Additionally, they provide an opportunity for animation with a slight motion that traditional shelf talkers can not. These shelf talkers are folded over the edge of the shelf and do not require you to insert any tab or neck into the shelf channel.

This brings in more customer curiosity and ultimately converting to sales. The final product comes with uniform printing, ensuring consistency in branding and are super easy to install on the shelf edge.
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Lenticular 3D Shelf Talker Custom Design 4"x13" Lenticular 3D Shelf Talker Custom Design 2"x8.5"